Weight loss strategy to keep strength??

  1. Weight loss strategy to keep strength??

    hey guys i've been reading about epistane and i'm thinking about trying to help out with a few things. I want to lose about 25 lbs without losing my strength. I bench about 315-340 depending how hard and consitenly i'm training. I'm 33 a little over 5'7 and i weigh 220 + with probably 20+ body fat, my measurement around my navel is over 45 inches. I have a big big gut and i'm scared for my health. I want to lose weight mostly for health reasons, i'm scared to death of diabetes. Anybody have a suggestion on how to run epistane for just keeping my strength levels up while losing weight? I'm hoping to lose most of my weight in a 6 week process. Any info would be appreciated. thank you.

  2. Increase the load of your lifts to bring your rep range down to the 8-5, sometimes 3 reps range. This heavily stimulates the neural mechanisms (strength) and you may be able to hold on to "most" of your strength. I recomped from 230lbs down to 212lbs and I kept about 90% of my strength.

    If you switch your workout scheme from a hypertrophic environment to a predominantly strength adaption(s) environment, you should be alright.

  3. Thats not a bad idea. However, i guess the dieting and cardio will take of the excess body fat and not the weight training? any advice on the epistane?
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    leave as much weight on the bar for as long as you can, find a caloric defict you can live with, also reduce number of sets while maintaining your intensity, so pretty much everything Volcom has suggested.

    but remember above all your diet has to be on point for sucess to happen, i would leave the epistane or like products for other times imho

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