Got Water?

  1. Got Water?

    Wanted to relate a recent experience of mine. I have never been a big water drinker so to me 1/2 to 3/4 of a gallon a day seemed like alot (I know better now but what can I say, I'm one of those twits who has to learn everything for themselves). About a month ago I upped my protein intake to 300+ grams a day. Shortly thereafter I started experiencing the following symptoms:

    General feeling of muscle weakness
    Crampy muscles
    A slight headache constantly
    Some nausea
    Elevated body temp
    Noticed I was having to breathe harder to get enough oxygen

    I thought at first maybe I was having an adverse reaction to the protein I was using. Then I started wondering whether you could actually take in too much protein. On my first google search for "too much protein" all kinds of pages popped up concerning high protein diets and dehydration. When I looked up the symptoms of dehydration here is what I got:

    Muscle fatigue
    Muscle cramps
    Deep rapid breathing

    Needless to say it was pretty clear what my problem was. After doing some research I discovered that the body requires copious amounts of water for the process of breaking down proteins and the more you take in the more you need to drink. Protein induced dehydration can be particularly sneaky because it is not accompanied by a feeling of thirst and is even referred to as "silent dehydration". I have since upped my water intake to 1 1/2 gallons a day and my symptoms have completely gone away. As a bb'er, not drinking enough water can mean more than just limiting your gains - there are genuine health concerns as well. Hope some of you find this info useful. Drink up!


  2. Good post. A reminder to keep hydrated is helpful.

  3. good post bro!

  4. Couldn't agree more

    H2O is vital

  5. good post! I have the same prob with not drinking enough water consistently, lol my trainers always on my back about it

  6. Those symptoms sound just like a hangover

  7. Hey wait a minute....naaahh. I'm sure those nightly tequila shots were just coincidence.

  8. thats what a hangover is from man lol dehydration...thats why they tell you to drink water between drinks or before you go to bed

  9. Yeah, that's why the smiley.

    "Man am I hung over."
    "What, you have too much to drink last night?"
    "Yeah, too many whey shakes..."


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