1. Critique

    Following is my new cutting diet. I am 210 lbs with 15.7% bf. I would like to be sub 10- but no rush, I want to keep my muscle. I workout in the mornings following breakfast with subsequent walking on an incline (15 degrees 3.5 mph 30 min.)
    Any critique would be appreciated.

    Wake Up 9:30
    10:00 Breakfast: 1 whole egg 4 egg whites; 2 slices whole wheat bread; 1 Tablespoon Peanut Butter; Fish Oil
    11:00 Workout: Amino Acids sipped throughout
    12:30 50g whey protein Shake sipped during cardio
    1:30 Snack: Handful of almonds
    2:30 Lunch: Turkey burger (6oz.) 2 slices whole wheat bread; Salad (no dressing); Fish Oil
    4:30 50g Whey Protein
    6:30 Dinner: Chicken burger (6oz.); 2 slices whole wheat bread; Salad (no dressing); Fish Oil
    11:00 Bedtime 40g Casein

    I am also using the thermogenic MAN Scorch and using epistane to aid in muscle preservation with all the neccessary accoutrements that go along with designers.
    Thank you very much.

  2. whole grains are advisable over bread. Like oatmeal, quinoa etc. They digest quicker allowing you to burn it off quicker, bread sits in your stomach/intenstine for a while.

    Especially since it looks like your eating half a loaf per day.

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