I need better scales for weighing myself!

  1. I need better scales for weighing myself!

    The scales I've been using are nothing fancy - Health-o-Meter, digital, my feet barely fit on the thing, and it's extremely difficult to get the bloody thing to settle & give me an actual number - how *accurate* it might be is another question altogether.

    What scales y'all using, and how do you like them? If you're thinking of upgrading, what brands/styles are you considering?

  2. scales are full of lies!!! what's wrong with the mirror?

  3. because eyes are full of lies, too - and harder to compensate for than numbers. numbers aren't everything, but without any numbers at all, we're just guessing, and that's not good enough for me.

    therefore, scales.

  4. That and considering 100% of mirrors lie.

    The Historic PES Legend

  5. get a 5 lbs dumbbell and see how much it is off, then add/subtract the amount its off by

  6. I'm getting the impression there's no reason to prefer one make or type of scale over another.

    My complaint w/ the one I have (again) is that it takes some careful positioning (and careful standing) to get a reading - and that's complicated, as just a few minutes ago, I could stabilise the reading @ 194#...and @ 179#...and 183#...(it weighed a 15# dumbbell @ 15#).

    If there's no better solution, I'll skip searching for another & continue as I have been.

    (Adams: you said it better than I did - thanks!)


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