optimum whey + dextrose + strawberries

  1. optimum whey + dextrose + strawberries

    ive been using optimum whey for awhile now.. only post workout..  i just started using dextrose with it as well.. now when i add like 50-75g of dextrose it gives the shake a funny taste.. not to bad just kind of odd..  anyway right now i have the choc mint flavor.. i decided one day to add a handfull of frozen unsweetened strawberries to the shake.. i tell ya it makes an unbelievable difference in taste.. havent tried this with any other flavors but with choc mint its just awsome...just thought id share

  2. Sounds like it could taste prety good. I always mix my malto/dextrose post workout drink seperate from my optimum shakes. Its already sweetened artifically and the extra sugar on top of that makes it hard to swallow. Ive got a 50/50 malto/dextrose fruit pucnh flavored drink from proteinfactory. I take that and thn my protein, its a lot of liquid all at once but better taste overall. Thanks for the idea...

  3. interesting...to me, dextrose only makes the protein sweeter, and not the taste you desribed sanosuke. Now, as for malt., that sure gives the drink a texture that's not a sweet taste to it....just a bit thicker. And also, if you were planning to add the fresh strawberries to replace dext, i would recommend not to. Fructose/simple carbs from fruit source is not ideal for one's post workout shake. The topic of insulin is common knowledge among us and i would definetely keep your idea of adding fresh fruit to your shakes anytime during the day (possibly not before bed), but as for post workout, stick with your standard dextrose, dext/malt mix, or even honey. What i still have not gotten used to is drinking straight dextrose in water 20 minutes or so prior to the protein drink. Sure i could add in some flavoring like gatorade powder but havent done that yet. So ive been taking a 1-2 tbl of raw honey, than taking in the shake with only half the usual serving of dext/malt (25-30 instead of 50-60grams)

  4. ok after trying this mix post workout for about a week the taste is getting old.. i guess its just because Im not too big of a fan of chocolate...

  5. Here's a good solution to making new, varying tastes to your protein drinks. I use Optimum's 100% Whey, Vanilla Ice Cream flavor and then throw in a few frozen strawberries on day one, frozen blueberries day two, frozen peaches day three, frozen blackberries day four, and frozen rasberries on day five. Gives it a nice variety of flavors so you don't get bored.

    Don't know how the chocolate flavor would fair with this (I don't do any sort of chocolate flavorings) or how the strawberry would work ... but it's worth a shot to see if it helps break up the monotony.

    Just my $0.02.



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