1. Suggestions?

    OK..i'm struggling with fat loss here..I'm 186lbs. 5'10

    What diet strategy can I use..I'm SOMEWHAT in a rush to lose weight...I had photographers ask to do shoots with me so I'm kinda desperate for the abs to come out.

    I've been using Leviathan and I just picked up T3.

  2. Napalm!

  3. how many would I need?

  4. 2 bottles of Napalm (with clen added to one) cycled weekly would probably work wonders.

  5. I'll be doing Polumbo's diet during the week and adding starchy over the weekend

    Leviathan + Ephedrine along with T3 for the fat burning.

    Walk 30 mins on speed 3.2 on incline 6 first thing in the morning. Post workout I'll do 20 mins HIIT cardio on tredmill...7 days a week I'll be doing cardio.

    Also picked up Cheater, which was recommended by some pros in case I have a bad meal.

  6. I bought Lyle McDonald's books..I'm doing 10 days of the Rapid Fatloss Diet..which should make me drop 5-9 pounds of fat/water then I'm switching to his keto diet


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