Bulking diet?

  1. Arrow Bulking diet?

    How does it look? I'm currently 5'9, 160 lbs, on a 4 day split. I'm worried that I will put on too much fat. I did a similiar diet last year, but gained some fat. Could it have been due to the large amount of fat in the diet (78g)?

  2. You need more carbs & protein for breakfast.
    The first two meals following training are also lacking in carbs.
    Also there's no need for a meal at 8:30.
    I suggest you get in contact with SwoleCat:

  3. The first 2 meals are my breakfest... I combined them, so its more clear. Them last 2 meals are also pretty close together (within an hour after my workout). Any suggestions to improve it?

  4. Eat every 2.5-3 hours & stick to protein/fat or protein/carb meals.

  5. I also saw That.

    For Breakfast Change to Oatmeal and Drop The Flax until Later in The Day where you Should go to Veggies instead of Rice then Take your Flax.

  6. I would suggest you add some more protein in your last meal of the day. You will be needing a lot more throughout the night to avoid muscle catabolism. Maybe add a scoop or protein to your milk.


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