On my way to a leaner me

  1. On my way to a leaner me

    I'm doing pretty well so far, but I want to throw my diet up here just in case I am missing something. I'm making progress, but I don't want to overlook anything.

    I've been taking DCP/LRL now for about 4 weeks... and I've dropped from 17% to about 14.5% in that time. I've been doing HIIT cardio (in the morning, fasted if possible) about 6 times a week, along with my usual resistance training.


  2. Erm, so I guess I left it vague... but feel free to post any criticism on my diet. I'm looking to drop to 11-10% Bodyfat for the summer without (hopefully) any LBM loss.

    I've noticed that carbing at certain times of the day (no late night) has made a significant impact on my body. I'm just posting this for other to see what I've missed -- like proofreading an essay.

    Thank you!

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