Its Time To Lose Weight

  1. Its Time To Lose Weight

    so i decided, after several months of training, to cut some fat before the football season begin. right now i have some question towards which diet i must use... my stats are:
    18 years old
    around 190
    22% BF (most of it is situated in my midsection)
    football player

    atm, im on the bench cause i had a major sprained ankle 3 months ago but still piss me off. im doing a 4 day routine consisting of max upper, max lower, power upper, power lower. the majority of my lift are core mouvement.
    (im currently in the first phase of the phase 3) i do a little bit HIIT bike (10-15 min) everytime i go to the gym and im running 2 times a week with the team.

    i want to lose all my midsection fat and get ripped, i know it gets repetitive but thats what it is.

    i have three choices of diet at the moment: anabolic solution for PL, V-Diet, or a 50%P, 35%F,15%C split. i have a bottle of xtend, waxymaize and Venom HD on its way, tomorrow im gonna buy some fish oil and flax oil too, maybe sesamin oil also and i take my daily multi and have some whey at home and i have 14 days worth of anabolic pump.

    i was concerned about the anabolic solution and the split for its simplicity, but the velocity diet seems to burn fat more than the other in a month, but im on a bidget so allt he shakes are a bit pricey.

    what are the best options available to me?? wich diet should i choose?? any feedback on the diet?? thx for helping me in advance

    ps: i would liek to post pics but im not allowed already...

  2. any advice on the diet??

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