17 yr old needs help cutting now

  1. 17 yr old needs help cutting now

    alrighty guys n' gals. i've been on a kinda clean bulk diet for the last year and a half or so.

    i'm 5' 9" @ 175lbs and when i finish my sizeon/superpump stack i'm hoping to be around 180ish. not sure what my BF is..i'm guessing around 15%..maybe a lil more

    i want to start cutting but I've never done it before so any and all help would be good. i plan on eating super clean but as far as the cal. deficit and stuff i'm lost.

    also if there are any supps i could take that would help let me know. i'd rather not get on a fat burner because i'm so young but still any help is appreciated.

    thanks in advance

  2. Couple of questions. Are you currently doing any form of cardio and also what is your current kcal level?

    Personally if you are not doing any specific cardio I would suggest staying at your current calorie level and add in cardio to begin fat loss with muscle retention/gain at the highest potential. You will see some leaning out after incorporating this tactic.

    After that (when your fat loss stalls) drop you calories by 200-300 to begin with and fat loss should resume. Continue this strategy until you reach your goal (or increase your cardio level).

    At 17 I wouldn't worry about adding in any supplements outside of maybe a creatine formulation to help with strength and energy. Only time I would say think about adding in a specific fat loss product or fat burner would be if you completely plateau on the fat loss front (which at 17 would surprise me since your body is not only primed for muscle growth but fat loss as well ~ both hormonally and your metabolism should be pretty ramped up.)

    These are some basic suggestions but should give you a solid position to start man. Any more questions (and responses to the above Qs for you) feel free to ask.

  3. i will shamefully admit that i have been doing no cardio whatsoever. how much and how often should i do it??

    i can't run that much because i get stress fractures easily in my shins, but i can bike my a$$ off so will that do?

    as far a kcals go i'm not too sure. about that either. i don't make a point of counting out all my cals even tho i know i should. i'm bout to grad in a week and i've been busy as hell this school year. i'd guess around 3000 tho.

    and just for you and anyone who reads this..here is my daily food intake

    WAKE UP: 1 whole egg w/ 2-3 egg whites & 1 slice cheese 1/2cup oatmeal w/ honey & 1 cup of milk or choc. milk

    MID MORNING: Tunafish lunch to go w/ banana & 20g protein shake

    LUNCH: typically whole wheat pasta w/ ground beef, turkey, or chicken w/ ziploc bag of spinach and little italian dressing

    PRE WORKOUT: 25g shake w/ banana and serving of superpunp250

    POST WORKOUT: 50g shake w/ 20oz gatorade w/ serving of sizeon mixed in

    DINNER: more pasta and meat w/ a lean cuisine panini (those are soooo good) and usually whatever else i want for the night

    BEDTIME: 25g shake w/ banana, sometimes blend w/ oatmeal and natty PB

    thats pretty much it during the week. weekends can be diff because i'm not on a routine then

    so i eat alot but workout hard 4-5 X a week.

  4. I would say keep the current diet and just ad din the cardio to begin fat loss (and yes biking if a great form of cardio for you to use).

    You probably will have to put some more effort into the diet as far as choices and total calories go, but cross that bridge when you come to it.

    I would suggest throwing in 20-30 minuets of cardio 3-4 times a week after you lift to start it off.

  5. If i recall correctly, which i should cause i'm gonna be tested on tuesday. haha. the "initial conditioning phase goes something like this
    I think you're probably gonna find the initial conditioning phase boring so go with the improvement conditioning phase which is.


    frequence-3-5 times per week
    intensity-70-90% max heart rate
    time-15-60 minutes (broad range. i'd say just 30 and up it accordingly)
    Just do small increases every 4-6 weeks as pretty much every workout ordeal.

    p.s. biking is of course great cause there's no impact on your knee also of course the elliptical. SWIMMING IS AMAZING! haha best cardio workout IMO. hard as hell.



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