Alright so after trying the gym before work or after work (I work nightshifts fyi) I found working out before work gave me a nice boost through the night where morning I could not get to sleep so well after the cardio and such. SO I have put together somewhat of a plan and would love some tweaking or advice.
Reference...I work from 11pm-7am

Wake up: 5pm, Now I'm not sure if I want to get myself back onto the Hydroxycut Hardcore...but it did its job fairly well last time. Make my self a whey protein shake(2 scoops whey, mixed fruits, ice cubes, some milk)

5:30ish: Head to the gym, 5 minute warm up cardio. Now...I'm not sure whether I should do my cardio before my lifting, or after. Last time I cut I'm pretty sure it was before lifting, high intensity for 30-40 minutes.

Postworkout: Finish what was left of the shake, have my dinner before work. Usually chicken or tuna, a salad, maybe small portion of rice.

At work: Lunches usually consist of some fruit(Usually strawberries, oranges, grapes.) Lots of water(Then again thats throughout the whole day) and sometimes dinner leftovers or a sandwich on 12 grain bread.

Anyway there is still stuff to be figured out so hopefully I'll be able to get it down and get back to the gym full force these next few days.

Thanks in advance ^^