Health benefits of wine found in grape juice

  1. Health benefits of wine found in grape juice

    I was wondering to myself if red grape juice had the same longevity properties as red wine. I couldn't find much on the forum so I decided to check it out for myself.

    It appears that grape juice has the same antioxidant properties and polyphenols of red wine, it also increases good cholesterol. In red wine, the concentration of resveratrol is increased possibly from something in the winemaking process or the alcohol.

    The thing is, you won't get the empty calories, decreased protein synthesis,  or dehydration from the alcohol. True, if you're concerned about the sugar and the insulin spike from I guess it would be a problem, but you probably wouldn't be drinking red wine anyway (yeah, I think I read somewhere that red wine won't kick you out of keto...whatever).

    Here are some articles:

    Wine or Welch's? Grape juice provides health benefits without alcohol

    Effects of Drinking Purple Grape Juice 1741895508.html

    Study Shows Drinking Concord Grape Juice Slowed LDL Oxidation; Inhibiting One Mechanism By Which "Bad" Cholesterol May Contribute To Cardiovascular Disease

    <SPAN class=article-title>The Buzz about Grape Juice</SPAN>

    <SPAN class=article-title></SPAN>

    <SPAN class=article-title>An LC-MS method for analyzing total resveratrol in grape juice, cranberry juice, and in wine.</SPAN>

    <SPAN class=article-title>;dopt=Abstract</SPAN>

    <SPAN class=article-title>Is grape juice as good as wine?</SPAN>

    <SPAN class=article-title></SPAN>

    <SPAN class=article-title></SPAN>&nbsp;

    <SPAN class=article-title>So, what are your thoughts? Would you drink a glass of grape juice or red wine a day or do you consider yourself healthy enough? Do you already mix grape juice with your creatine?</SPAN>

  2. Would the same go for a nonalcoholic red wine?

    Is 4oz of wine per day really going to be enough alcohol to negate muscle growth?

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