my recomp supplment list

  1. my recomp supplment list

    I'd greatly appreciate your feedback on my recomposition supplement regimen.

    For years I've tried to bulk up through supplementation, and weight lifting. It never worked. I got as high as 160, but I just couldn't keep the weight on. I turned 30 on 1/16/2007. I weighed 145lbs. After turning 30, gaining weight was very easy. It's like a switch was turned on in my body! Also, I got so aggressive with women. Things changed for me in a big way. I became very much more masculine. In just over a year I'm up to 185. Most of that is new muscle, but some of it is just plain FAT.

    I'm totally frustrated that I can't wear my size 32 clothes anymore, and abhor the thought of purchasing several new suits, but even some 34 size pants are tight!

    I've decided to alter my body chemistry to get a boost on dropping this fat. After research, I decided to trust my friends at nutraplanet, and use some of their bulk supplies. What do you think of this:

    Alpha Drive as directed 3x/day
    TestoJack as directed 2pills 2x/day (they didn't have diesel test hardcore)

    500mg sesamin 3x/day
    500mg yellow gold 3x/day
    500mg salvia miltorhizza 3x/day
    650 mg Coleus Forskholii 3x/day
    500mg TTA 3x/day
    Green Tea weight loss pills as directed (wal-mart).

    I was attempting to mimic some of the more popular supplement mixes out there, such as DCP, Anabolic Pump, Leviathan Reloaded

    What do you guys think? Am I close on my dosages?

    Ultimately, I'd like to get to 175 with little body fat. I'd like to wear my 32's again.

    Thanks so much for your feedback!

    Sonny Rains CFP

  2. I was planning on doing something similar for a while but I wound up getting preccupied with other things. Here is what I was figuring on doing:

    Yellow gold- good
    Salvia- 250mg 3x/day
    TTA- 250mg 3x/day
    Green Tea- 500mg 2x/day
    Coleus- what you have for coleus seems pretty high... where did you get this from?

  3. "
    Coleus- what you have for coleus seems pretty high... where did you get this from?"

    I pulled it out of my ass. I've been paying the price for this mistake for quite a while. Tremendous GI distress.

    Totally took me down for the count.


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