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Albuterol-ramping up,? about adding 2 curr dosage or add'l per day dosage

  1. Albuterol-ramping up,? about adding 2 curr dosage or add'l per day dosage

    Iím currently on Keto, have dropped from 30% to 15%bf and am working towards 10%. My nutrition and training are disciplined. I have a prescription and have done a lot of research but havenít been able to get the answers to the below questions, as a result, this is why I am starting a new thread. I have 60 2mg pills and one refill. The first run will be to get used to affects, next time Iíll be more aggressive but wonít exceed 12mg per day. I took my first 2mg pill today and will be ramping up over the next two wks. Please help with the below questions:

    (1) When ramping up from 2mg to 4mg is it more beneficial to take one dose of 4mg or start taking two dosages of 2mg (for example) one in the morning and 5hrs later take another 2mg?

    (2)Which is better, three wks straight, working up to 12mg per day or two wks on and two off working up to 12mg per day? Based on experience and science, which one seems to be better?

    Thank you in advance for your help and I am sure that your responses will help others considering Alb as well and will contribute yet another resource for others to find when performing a search.

  2. Ugh, ignore my vote for "other" as I've never used Albuterol and for some reason had a brain fart and accidentally voted when I actually meant to click view poll results. I really need to stop using the internet when I'm tired, haha.

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