will this weight loss stack work?

  1. will this weight loss stack work?

    buddy o mine is using his second round o 17HD testbooster, he wants to throw in leviathan reloaded. Will these two work well together? He doesn't have a computer so just get back to him here.


  2. Whats his stats first off. And whats wrong with the good old eca?

  3. bench 245 1x. quat 400 1x ECA is...?

  4. Stats as in Age height weight experience BF% ect.

    ECA Ephedrine Caffene Asprin

  5. i dono about 17hd, but i do know leviathan is the ****...i stacked igf-2/levi-r/dcp..... and of course a good diet plan...ive never had gains like this before... my profile pic was taken a little while after my first stack..ive always been strong... but never muscular.. the journey is long, but u have to start some where..

    back to ur weight loss qestion... leviathan/dcp = awsome

  6. he's 20 years old , 5 9, 180. has placed in a few comps in NY

  7. What kind of competition? Bodybuilding powerlifting ect

  8. Yeah. He's placed in bodybuilding comps... he's only done one stack with a testbooster in it though, ill tell him to check out the TREN supps. but i think more than anything he wanted to nkow if the test booster with the leviathanreloaded would let him put on the lean mass while cutting down the body fat... gota tell this kid to get his own computer. thanks

  9. 17hd also had beta-ecdysterone (keeps bugs in their larvae stage) and last i heard vyotech was getting sued over using a low grade plant fertilizer in the recipe. Sounds like your buddy does not know a whole lot about things he is putting in his body. He should do A LOT more research before getting into something like tren at the age of 20.

    Also try and listen to people who just aren't putting in plugs for their own website.

    I have heard a lot of good things about leviathan, but the 17-HD is definetly crap.

  10. can someone tell me more about these TREN supps? Sound like good products but we'd like a little more feedback from people who are familiar with them. thanks

  11. kinda thought itd be easier to hear it here? save me some time? please? plus it looks like theres a total of 6 threads in that whole forum... not to many people looking at it

  12. Trenbolone is a steroid. Your "friend" should not be taking steroids at 20 years old. Does he even know what PCT is? It doesn't sound to me like he would. What is his bf%? What's his diet like? How much weight is he trying to lose? Tell your friend to go to a public library and get online and do some research. I personally wouldn't take more than a simple fat burner if I were him.

  13. his bf % is around 10%. he wants to get down aroudn 6 come competition. i did not say he took Trenbolone tho. he took the 17 HD. im sure he'd rather nkown now that the product is no good and to stop taking it. he used the hydroxycut before his last comp and it burned a lot of his muscle gains, so he felt like. this kid sort of thinks he KNOWS ALL, and is one of those people who will put anything into their body to produce the results he wants. im sure hes going to start the leviathan reloaded in the next week or so, but if not the 17 HD which clearly isnt the product best for him, what can I recomend to my buddy to lean out before his comp? can't wait till he comes home from school and i can show him how to use this website for research on his own. thanks once again

  14. and shaddow.. Id have to be a real p***y not to admit if it where I who were taking these supps in an online chat room where noone knows anyone. trust me its a budy o mine up at syracuse, doesnt have his own computer up there and the only time he can get access to one he's gota do work on it. thanks for the help tho guys.


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