2 week cut????

  1. 2 week cut????

    hey guys i ave been bulking now for a while and with some success i have put on around 14 lbs and my bf% is about the same as i started at around the 15% mark, but now with summer coming id like to be appy when i take off my top , so i was thinking of a 2 week cut to drop some fat and then back to a clean bulk,

    i was thinking a keto diet for 2 weeks, no carbs.

    few questions;

    what are your opinions on this?

    will i just put on all the fat i lost when i go from no carbs to lots of carbs straight after the cut??

  2. Basically yeah you will drop some "weight" when you go low carbs but no doubt put it back on when you start eating carbs again. I would even be too concerned with the cut in the first place. Maybe you could cut your carb intake in half, i know you've got a fair bit of pasta in your diet. If your going to reduce your calories then just slowly reduce the carbs over a few weeks. Its not easy but you will get used to functioning on 100gms of carbs or so. Im doing it now. After the first week or two you get used to it. I've even hit a few P R's in the gym while doing it as well.

  3. well after having a chat with my gf she thinks that i dont need to loose any fat and im being paranoid, so i was wondering if i could bulk but add more cardio. is there any way of bulking but yet making abs more visable ??

    i think im going to try a clean bulk ill post the diet on here tonigt at some point.


  4. ok first of the above post is me but n my mates account i didnt realise the soft lad had logged me out and him in on MY comp hahaha i love ya man haha

    anyway back to me

    ok hows tis diet plan

    training day

    7.00 am - wake
    7.15 am - 500ml milk
    100g oats
    1 scoop protien powder

    8.00 am - train

    9.30 am - 4 eggs
    4 slices wholemeal bread

    12.30 pm - 200g chicken/steak
    100g wholemeal pasta or basmati rice
    1 pack of mixed veg

    3.30 pm - 200g chicken/steak
    100g wholemeal pasta or basmati rice
    1 pack of mixed veg

    6.30 pm - 200g steak/chicken
    2 packs of mixed veg
    100g potatoes or basmati rice

    10.00 pm - 2 eggs
    200ml milk

  5. I do 2-3 week cuts during my bulking phases as well to keep lean over the long run. 8-10 weeks bulking then 2-3 cutting then back to bulking. As for the diet i don't know if going keto would be the right option(i have never done it) but the hormonal swings of just dropping calories in general should be enough for the two week period and i would just keep some carbs to keep performance up
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