How long B4 the workout-meal

  1. Unhappy How long B4 the workout-meal

    I would need some help in regard to how long before the workout should i take my meal... here i am talking about a full meal.. i work out in the mornings so i usually eat Oats and scrambled eggs about an hour or 1.5 hours before the work out.. is that OK??

    I have heard that eating half an hour b4 work out is better, but first the food i am eating may not digest in half an hour and if workout is for one hour then i will have to eat another meal right after the work out.. 1.5hour interval to the next meal (that will be right after the work out)... Can someone please Elaborate on this.. Also is it ok to consume simple carbs prework out if you are into weight loss..

    any help will be appreciated..

  2. 1 hour to 1.5 hours is fine (thats what I do personally.) Enables plenty of time for a good amount of digestion/amino acid supply for training (and time to dose supplements if you are) and avoid unnecessary energy use towards digestion when lifting (although digestion does slow a little during training either way or at least I recall reading this).

    As far as simple sugars before lifting, I am form the school of though of slow complex carbs 24/7 (including post workout). Additionally you don't want to be spiking insulin that much prior to working that will cause a rapid cascade of nutrients going towards your muscle then running empty half way through your gym session. Stick to slow burning/slow blood glucose rising carbs in the form of low GI complex carbs (oats for example).

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