From Keto to bulk - How does it look?

  1. From Keto to bulk - How does it look?

    I am attempting my first bulk diet. Let me know how it looks. Should i cut down the fruit and add more sweet potato?

  2. You've gone from how many carbs to 430? If it's not been a month or more, a gentler reintroduction may be necessary.

  3. It has been about 2 months since going off Keto - I guess i should have stated that

  4. Then you should be fine.

  5. My main question centers around the fruit - should i be avoiding the sugars and getting more of the carbs from yams/brown rice? Also if i go to the gym as late as i am is it ok for my last meal to be a PW shake? should i still eat a small meal or night time shake(san isomatrix/flax)one hour after the PW shake?

  6. I would avoid a protein/fat meal that close after training. Try to get in a protein/carb meal 45min after shake. Then a pro/fat meal like you've mentioned, prior to bed.

  7. OK - i adjusted - but i feel as if i am eating too many cals for being 165. Should i cut the carbs per meal down a bit?

  8. At just about 2X body weight, looks to be ok. If you feel you are gaining fat, cut back.

  9. I have an elliptical machine in the house someone gave me - should i use that or keep to a brisk walk for cardio and what is the best time of day to do it - i know when i was on keto the brisk walk for an hour first thing in the morning was best but am now unsure what to do on a "bulk"


  10. Goldy,

    If your even slightly a hard gainer........NO cardio IMO.

    otherwise your fine, just keep it short duration, light to moderate intensity.

    Bump on Scotty's advice also


  11. Another option for cardio is to do some form of high intensity cardio, treating the session as you would a weightlifting workout nutritionally. High intensity cardio while bulking can help you pack on lean mass if you're ingesting sufficient calories.

  12. i am not going to be doing any cardio as i lost 1 pound this week eating that amount. next week i am going to up the protein a little bit, up the fat with olive oil and flax, and eat more steak. i will also be starting the anarchy stack on tuesday(when i should get my package). I train each body part twice every 8 days doing M W F M. One all out set with slow 5 second negatives and extreme stretching after each body part.
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  13. can you post your spilt, i would like to try the same routine.

    you dont have to post exercises, just what parts per day, thanks.

  14. Lower the fat, up the carbs. I usually try to avoid fat and carbs in the same meal.

  15. Do you believe in the no carbs after 6PM to keep off fat(not including PW shakes). What about oils after 6PM? i like taking one TBSP of oil with my protein shakes - makes it smoothe as i dont like milk. You think 1 tbsp oil is still to much to seperate my P\f and P\C meals? I guess next week - i will double the meats and loose the shakes during the day and add fruit to meals 2,3,4. make meal one a P\F with eggs\whey\Flax, and bedtime meal a P\F with isomatrix\flax. Look better. I really want to get this straight as i believe diet is the most important part of the puzzle. Thanks scotty - youve been a real help since i started many months ago with keto and now with my bulk. My favorite quote "If you're not nauseous and/or vomiting and not ill, what's the problem? Just eat what you have to eat when you have to eat it. "

  16. I train in the morning, so it's much easier for me to plan my meals. The first would be pro/carb, the last 2, pro/fat.(I'm still on CKD) But, this is what my bulking plan looks like. Fats coming from olive oil, flax, and pb. Oil in protein shakes is great, the best way to wash down flax IMO.

  17. so after my PW shake on training days - would you make that meal a P\F ? and my first meal i will switch back to p\c with one tbsp flax(or should i drop that flax too).


  18. No, carbs should be taken pre workout, PWO shake and post workout whole food meal. The protein fat meals should be saved for the evening. Since, I believe, you train in the evening, mkae your last meal of the night a pro/fat meal. To allow me to help you further, what time to you go to bed?

  19. i go to bed btw 10 and 11. no carbs pre workout? PWO shake is 4 scoops nlarge2 and sometimes halph yam. after that my meal one hour later is steak and 1 cup peas sometimes salad.

  20. and yes - i train at 5 M-W-F

  21. Yes, carbs preworkout. 45 minutes after your shake, have a meal of pro/carbs(not a ton due to how late it is) and try to sneak in a meal about 2 hours after that of pro/fat.

  22. Heh, I believe he meant that as a "No" to your previous question, then stated: Carbs should be taken pre-workout, post-workout shake, and post-workout meal.

  23. Thanks - i think i finally got it - i will post another excel later tonight when i get home with all the mods. Will start that diet monday since i already bought the food for this week - might as well finish it. Its much cheaper to keto diet than bulk

  24. Originally posted by BrKonman
    Heh, I believe he meant that as a "No" to your previous question, then stated: Carbs should be taken pre-workout, post-workout shake, and post-workout meal.
    Yeah - i relaized after i posted.


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