Theoretical Question

  1. Theoretical Question

    If I'm trying to calculate my maintenance calories for my lean body mass, shouldn't I subtract my fat body mass from the calculations?

    For example, if I was going to say do a 10x my weight and I weighed 180 with 10% BF, shouldn't my number be 1620 as opposed to 1800?

    It just makes more sense to me to calculate my caloric intake based on my lean body mass versus my overall body mass since all I'm trying to maintain is my lean body mass.

  2. Makes sense to me.

  3. But no opinions?

  4. This is good while dieting and at already low bodyfat (10% is low), but at higher bodyfats this can lead to muscle loss since the body will break down muscle before fat to get energy.

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  5. Hmmmmmm, ok.

    Something for me to consider when I'm in the later stages of my cut.

  6. well, whether you "want" to maintain the fat or not, it still does consume x # of calories per day, and you need to account for that. remember that the numbers like 10 per pound are just estimations, the real #s you should arrive at by experimentation since your individual metabolism and activity level will determine it

  7. Thanks for your input, appreciate it.


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