Bodyfat and LBM measurer

  1. Bodyfat and LBM measurer

    What is the most accurate Bodyfat and lean body mass measurer for homeuse?
    i did some research but i am still not convinced whether to use the washroom mirror or buy a measurer..
    Any help will be appreciated..

  2. All forms of BF measuring have a degrees of inacuraccy, there tons of post on this subject. However I got a 9 point caliper measurement from a personal trainer used a hand held BF% measure at the gym and I use a Tanita scale with BF% cals at home. I correlate to the three numbers to be reasonably close. The scale is 2% higher than the caliper test. The important part is not knowing your exact BF% but continue to measure progress, lossing 4% BF is still losing 4% regarldess if you scale is 2% points off the mirror is the ultimate judge. I do find it interesting how the numbers change when I go low carb diet my Bf% goes up and my hydration numbers go down. When I carb up my bf% goes down and hydration goes up. Also I was told to use any electronic BF% measureing device before your workout as sweat contain electrolytes that throws of the numbers.

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