Please answer if you can....

  1. Please answer if you can....

    I have read a lot of posts, and other articles about Leviathan and I was curious if it was worth my money.

    I have come down from 262lbs to 234lbs. Strictly by watching my diet and working out. I just don't want to spend the money, if it isn't worth it.

    So for those of you that have used it, or know more about it let me know if it would be worth it for someone like me....

    i have loaded a before picture at my high weight, and one where I am now.

    Mainly up here for to see if Leviathan would be good for someone with my body type.


  2. i wouldnt waste your money man. i dont have anything against it, ive never taken it,but your doing great the way it. maybe later on down the road if the weight loss starts to stop. dont fix it if its not broke.

  3. yea...really you don't need supplements to lose weight, you just need to eat under your maintenance calorie level...but if you want the extra kick, i would say levi/dcp or the tried and true EC stack....good job by the way bro, keep it up

  4. At this point in the game any supplement won't really give you too much of an extra edge compared to the results you will see naturally. With a clean diet and training you could easily drop another 20-40 lbs before feeling the effects of fat loss staling. You want to save to enhancers and fat burners until your body has adapted and really begins fighting you for every lbs.

    Whats your goal weight?

  5. well i'm 5'9... and i have always been a big guy even growing up. So realisticly I would like to see 200lbs at least.

    but to be honest, until I can look in the mirror and not see man tits, and a saggy stomach, I probably won't stop with the weight loss.

    Any suggestions as to a good weight level? or BF% I have for sure seen some developments in my upper chest, and biceps since I have been going to the gym a lot more consitantly.

    I"m up for any suggestions.

  6. Whats your current weight? I would say continue your efforts towards mainly fat loss until you get to around 13-15% bf (estimating your around 25-27% currently.) After switching up to a solid recomp phase would do you nicely.

  7. current weight is 234.

  8. Alright well at 234 you are looking at a 35 pound loss to get to 200 or a 15% bf loss. With that amount of weight loss the above defiantly applies. Focus on your diet and training and you will get there relatively fast. What does your daily food intake/nutritional plan look like?

  9. i know it needs to be a lot more strict, but this is an average day for me.

    6:30 a.m. - Gym - Lift and Cardio
    8:00 a.m. - Oatmeal
    12 pm - Vaires from Day to Day, but mosty a smart ones meal (Weight Watchers brand) or somthing like that.

    Usually around 7 or so i have dinner. Usually some chicken or lean beef. I really try not to eat again after that.

    If I do cave, I usually have some wheat bread with peanut butter or something like that.

    Like I said, I know it needs to be more strict, but I have never been a good guess as to what I should eat or when.

  10. im gunna have to disagree.. i use to have alot of body fat around my stomach.. i started working out as u are.. lost weight, and got my body back on a regiment.. then i took Levi-R, DCP, and IGF-2, with a determination like never before.. since then i have lost 10% body fat, and gained 2lbs on my original weight... my gains seem to be coming love handles are gone and my stomach has gone down ALOT.. i think u should go for it.. levi-r 45 min before a meal, then DCP 30 min after that..... i eat 6 times a day, and every morning i feel my stomach getting smaller and smaller.. yet my chest, legs, and shoulders keep feeling bigger and bigger... im not saying u cant get this done without them, but why not get a jumpstart for a month or two. the pills are not super drugs.. it takes alot of work to loose fat, as u know already..hit me up if u need help with anything..thats my two cents, soo good luck

    oh..and occfan knows what he is talking about.. smart guy

  11. Yea I'm not saying it won't aid in the fat loss but rather I feel the difference between what you will see with and without won't be all the prominent right now (and making it more cost efficient to use them later down the road). They certainly won't hinder your gains but I think you can utilize them at a later stage in the game, especially since your diet at the moment isn't as clean as it could be (you clean that up and boom you will see some damn quality weight loss).

    I'm going to recommend reading this and trying to setup a meal plan from it. Stay on it for 2-3 months and see how you want to go from there with supplemental help.
    Beginners of all Ages and Needs: Must Read Basic Nutrional Info

  12. Don't waste your money until you get at least below 20%. Probably closer to 15% would be better. LEvi-r would work for you at your current weight, but diet is all you need for a while.


  13. You're doing great naturally. Keep up the good work, you are an inspiration to many here i'm sure. If and when you hit a platuea then possibly consider spending the cash on supplements. For now keep up the dieting and excersizing bro before you know it you'll be at your goal. Check out the nutrition forum for great tips on what to eat lots of good info.

  14. I really appreciate all the feed back guys. You know, alot of people dont like to go to the gym because of what other people may think or say about them.

    I guess the same can be said for posting shirtless pics of yourself online, but everyone has been really cool. All of you are just full of information. Thank again to all.

  15. it takes guts to do what you are doing, as for what people at the gym think/say, don't worry about it, most of the people at my old gym thought i was an angry hateful bastard before they actually got to know me (it was probably the pantera/metallica shirts, long hair, and the fact i didn't/don't socialize during workouts LOL). Keep up the hard work and the dedication man!

    -Saving random peoples' nuts, one pair at at time... PCT info:
    -Are you really ready for a cycle? Read this link and be honest:
    *I am not a medical expert, my opinions are not professional, and I strongly suggest doing research of your own.*


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