leviathan reloaded for an 18 year old? and one other question

  1. leviathan reloaded for an 18 year old? and one other question

    Im getting pretty cut right now, a lot easier and faster than originally planned.

    Im currently stacking hydroxycut hardcore + ephedra three times a day. 200 mg of caff in the HH (plus other stufF) and 25 mg's eph 3 x a day.

    is that 2 much?.

    also. can i stack leviathan reloaded with ephedra? thanks.


  2. 211ish in this picture.

    should i just keep stacking the hh + eph?

    would clenbuterol be way way too much?

    what about leviathan, and again im only 18, ive been lifting for awhile.
    this is about 2 weeks ago.

    I am actually gaining strength, My squat went up to about 520, yet i am not sure how to get my bench anywhere past 340.

  3. you need to take it easy...

  4. i dont think ephedra is a good idea and with caffeine you should probably cycle it so your tolerance goes up too high. I would possibly try just dcp and some hard work at that age, but diet is the number 1 thing



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