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    just wanted to say i think this place is great.. fast shipping especially for a custom blend company... i got a blend of 40% cfm whey, 25% caseinate & 15% soy isolate & 20 % egg.. i got the vanilla flavor.. it blends great and the taste is better than most vanilla's ive tried.. i always get vanilla cause i like to add fruit and it works best with vanilla.. i had one question i was looking at optimum's any whey and decided id probably order an unflavored mix to add to my pancakes and muffins and such.. i was thinking of a blend though instead of just whey.. would u think that blend i listed would be a good blend to add to food? just looking for some opinions

  2. sounds like isomatrix from syntrax..i personally ordered 4lbs of milk protein isolate..cant wait to try it

  3. hey your right.. now sure about the % of isomatrix but looks like the same blend.. only thing is i get 4 pounds at the Customizer for the price of 2 pounds of Isomatrix.. gotta luv it

  4. You're right. PC rocks. Personally I get a blend of 70/30 MPI/Egg.

  5. PC does rock. I use their daytime and nighttime blends.

    BTW Supa Freek nice avi playing. I think that was the single greatest moment in TV history.

  6. I will also vouch for Dave, his products are great and so is his service..

  7. Originally posted by NPursuit

    BTW Supa Freek nice avi playing. I think that was the single greatest moment in TV history.
    I enjoyed it as well.

  8. Bump for Customizer, great prices and service, not to meantion the product. The chocolate flavoring is great. I tried the strawberry recently and it wasn't my thing, but a 50/50 mix of strawberry and chocolate is money! That's my new permanent flavor from now on.

  9. Chocolate and strawberry.... ****, that sounds good! I'm gettin to the point where I'm gonna order another 10 lber of 50/50 egg/casein; think I'll try that.

  10. Originally posted by wojo
    sounds like isomatrix from syntrax..i personally ordered 4lbs of milk protein isolate..cant wait to try it

    .i just got my 5lbs of Vanilla milk protein isolate .
    it tastes ok...but it has an odd texture to it...

  11. If you plan on adding to pancakes & other food, you probably want very little caseinate in your blend. That stuff is very thick & would make the pankake batter like concrete mix. I suggest keeping the whey & maybe substituting milk isolate for the casein. Milk isolate is about 1/2 casein & also slow digesting, but nowhere near as thick.

    I usually order from the Customizer. I was about to place an order & emailed them with a question last week, I never even got a response. I took my order to protein factory. Comparable prices, I'll let you know how the product is compared to protein customizer.
  12. Question Trying to formulate....

    (howsit going bros
    I signed up a few months ago but just been lurking, trying aborb some info before posting any stupid questions like i did back at
    hopefully this aint such a lame

    Ok ive been using nlarge2 eversince i learned you should drink protein to help build muscle cuz i didn't know any better..
    So from what i've read so far, malto sucks ("n-fat2") and i should just add some ground oatmeal to a protein blend. (Is rice an ok substitute?)
    I'm trying to gain weight (about 5'8" 165lbs about 6% bf last time i had it checked at the gym) and would like to customize a weight gainer. id rather just have one formula i can take throughout the day (even after postworkout) but you wouldn't recommend that right..?

    well to gain weight, the basic guideline is to eat as much as possible(.."eat like a starving somalian refugee"), as clean as possible right?
    but when i drink a serving of nlarge2 between meals, it gives me indigestion and gas and i have trouble eating my next meal.
    Is this because of the high carb(sugar) content or the protein?
    Should i drink less protein at a time? or maybe i have trouble digesting large amounts of milk products? (I live in Korea, where there isn't much dairy consumption so i may not have a lot of lactase or something..)
    also should i increase the % of quick digesting proteins (like whey or hydro whey) so i can have these shakes more often?

    well, the following is what i thought would be a good blend:
    45% CFM whey
    20% milk isolate
    20% egg
    10% soy
    5% dextrose (to help with post wo recovery..?)
    (added soy cuz i thought a higher % of milk isolate would make the shake too thick)

    Any input would be appreciated and i'm still trying to learn so please don't flame me too harsh
    sorry about the long post . thanks


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