How does my bulking diet look?

  1. How does my bulking diet look?

    Age: 16
    Weight 125lbs
    Height 5'6"

    Supplement Schedule:
    Post-Workout - Syntrax Straight 10g
    Before Bed - Vitamin C 1,000mg & 1 MultiVitamin

    Heres my diet...My Maintenance caloric intake is around 2,000 cals so Ill be shooting for no less than 2,500 cals daily to put on around 1LB per week

    Any critiques or advice on my diet would be great!

  2. No olive oil in meal 1, make it flax and add to pre-bed meal. Lose the bars, eat some food. Other than that, I guess 2500 cals are enough based on your 125lb BW. Also, go with the fat free or 1% cottage cheese.

  3. Cant afford any Flax Seed Oil rite now...wud it be ok to take the Olive Oil before bed until I can get some flax?

  4. Dude, it's $7 for a bottle.

  5. Originally posted by scotty2
    Dude, it's $7 for a bottle.
    haha tru...

    Ill start saving up

  6. What kind of oatmeal are you using? Instant or old fashioned?


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