Stretch Marks on Stomach?

  1. Stretch Marks on Stomach?

    I have no idea why i get stretch marks on stomach. I have NEVER had a belly and i have always been very cut so why would i have stretch marks. I have a visible 6 pack but i have these lines that go across my stomach? Any idea?? Seem like stretch marks?

  2. Pictures? Whats your bf level at? Are you training abs heavy (and are the growing quickly?) It would be hard to do but if your low enough in bf are you confusing them with the appearance of veins? There are a lot of variables here.

  3. My bodyfat is usually around 10-12. Maybe leaner now. Not sure. But my abs are probably growing..yes. I train them pretty hard twice a week. So i dont know. They arent veins

  4. your confusing them with fold marks, if im correct.

    even i have em.

  5. fold marks? What are those. I have NO fat. I am not lying..

  6. stretch marks would go vertical. trust me. I've got a few.

  7. If they're going across your stomach they are just fold lines where your skin naturally creases. You don't need an abundance of fat for this to happen.

  8. anybody know how to get rid of stretch marks?

  9. Cocoa Butter is supposed to prevent stretch marks from ever coming in. I don't know what gets rid of them. My wife rubbed cocoa butter on her belly when she was pregnant and still got some marks, but a year later, they're all gone. ????

  10. Quote Originally Posted by CT2902 View Post
    anybody know how to get rid of stretch marks?

    Surgery. That's the only way.
  11. Thumbs up

    try has it or order online....wifey used it after child claims even to reduce facial wrinkles."better than botoX" remains 2 be seen.

  12. Our Java lather/Flawless combo works great on stretch marks. We are going to run a few tester logs over here, you could always go apply and give it a try.


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