Before bed: Casein only or a mix of Whey/Casein/Egg

  1. Before bed: Casein only or a mix of Whey/Casein/Egg

    The way I figure it, the whey would deliver some protein now, the egg would deliver some later, and the casein would be last to go.

    Am I wrong? Is it better to just take casein by itself before bed?

  2. That seems OK to me, although that is only my opinion. I have mixed whey protein and cottage cheese and eaten lowfat cottage cheese by itself before bed, depending on my mood. The type of protein that would be best may depend at least in part on whether you have digested everything from your last meal, which depends on the type of protein you had then (slow or faster digesting).

  3. My recipe is half a cup of cottage cheese, 1.5 tbsp flax oil, a scoop of whey, and a scoop of benefiber.


  4. These are all good but they taste like crap to me. To each his own

    I just use a good protien mix Whey,Casien,Egg white, mix it in skim milk with some flax or natural peanut butter. That should keep you anabolic for 6-7 hours

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