Loosing body fat

  1. Loosing body fat

    Im currently 6'2 and 240 with 19 percent body fat,and im tring to get some help on the best way to shed it,as in diet.if somone could tell me some foods to eat and what elese i can do,i work out 5 days a weekm and do about 20 min of cardio after,and im not seeing results.

  2. My suggestion...to retain mass....low carb or keto. Low carb Id go 50% Protein/35% Fat/15% Carbs. Im on a pretty similar split and have maintained strength while down about 30 lbs now (13 weeks). Personally I like to get the parameters down (a diet idea and the macros) and once those are in place, you can label read and keep track using things like the Diet Tracker here. It keeps the diet from getting bland.

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