This Confused Me (Sugars)

  1. This Confused Me (Sugars)

    Today in Exercise and Physiology class we were watching a video and they were talking about nutrition.

    The dude on the videotape said that when atheletes and people who are fit consume simple sugars (for dinner let's say) that the sugar would go straight to their muscles for energy and wouldn't be stored as fat and they could use the sugar the next day. However, when overweight unhealthy people consumed simple sugars the sugar would go straight to their fat cells and not be stored as glycogen.

    Well it makes sense to me with the fat people. But why would athletes and people with good cardiovascular health be any different? I was thinking insulin sensitivity but I'm not sure.

  2. My guess would be that the simple sugars are being used to replenish glycogen stores in a person, and will be used as such until excess is taken in, and then sent off to fat. The difference lies in the activity level. The average athelete will deplete more glycogen in a day than a fat person, so the fat person will have the sugars going to fat at a lower level of consumption.
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  3. Agreed, and as bignbuff mentioned, insulin sensitivity is key here as well.

  4. Ok a good analogy is this

    florida is 2000 miles away
    if you are dextrose you take a jet plane and you get there in a matter of hours

    if you are oatmeal you there in few days

    in the end they both arrive there at their destination just at different time .. I just prefer the slower and more scenic route.

    Plus factors which i take in
    1. as you get older it is known your inuslin sensitivity level decreases (30 years old)
    2. My family back ground - diabetes runs in my family so I'm more suspectible to on set adult diabetes
    3. during my child hood i thrived on coke and anything with sugar in it. Remeber base balls games you played and running to the snack bar after wards ? remeber how amount of soda you pounded down

    take all these factors in to concideration when deciding what route you want to take

    another food for thought
    take a look at all the adult one set of diabetes. it is mostly evident in males with cutltures where eating process carbs are more prominent. (Italians being one of them ) and I am italain .

    so these are reasons I choose to go with complex vs simple carbs and other people should take these in conderation as well. Many people are concerned with just the present results they need to thing in the long term as well. I hope I gave people more things for thought.

  5. I also think another point to obviously consider is the timing of the simple sugar consumption. Certainly, athlete or not, the consumption of simple carbs at certain times( training) is ideal for glycogen recomposition, and I believe timing should be factored in regardless--in other words, whether an athlete or not, when you take in those simple carbs is gonna have alot to do with where they end up.

    With that said, though, I do concur that timing aside, athletes' insulin sensitivity is much higher than the average sedintary adult, and so their bodies will be much more receptive to using glycogen for recomposition purposes.

    HardAsNAils1973-- -- does your above statement include PWO carbs as well??from what i remember from seeing your pics' on other forums, you are already quite lean, and would be interested in hearing why you avoid simple carbs altogether (unless it is only outside of the PWO window you are referring to)...

  6. well lets look at the fact that there are people slamming up to 200 grams of sugar post workout doing it for a year or so that fine, but 10-15 years it will generally general decrease insulin sensitivity. I refering to that my child hood revolved around sugar and it actually caused me to have my insulin sesnitiy to change. If i eat carbs now during the day time i get super sleepy and crash. Yes I was an ectomorph and gained over 100 lbs of muscle in 12 years peroid. the more leaner you are the more aware of what changes occur in your body. plus being part italian, 30 years old and a sugar feine for 13 years, diabeties that runs in my family I tend to choose to look towards the future of not putting my self in a comprsising position of setting my self up to be diabetic. I just choose low glycemic ALL the time and from this I have acheived and maintained under 6% all year round and still continue to gain lean muscle as well. I prefer slower approach and healthy approach

  7. I hear that. Fast burning simple carbohydrates are the work of Satan. They serve no purpose in bodybuilding, even during a bulk.

    Unless your goal is to dramatically increase your water weight+bodyfat weight while gaining minimal amounts of muscle and providing your body with little nutrients.

    Slower burning, more complex carbohydrates will always be superior I think. Whether it be pre-workout, post-workout or as apart of your daily meals.

    Of course, they aren't nearly as fun to eat
  8. not that this answers your question but....

    as far as simple sugars go they increase insulin quickly.  as you know insulin is the transporter of all nutrients to cells so a post workout shot of simple sugar is not all that bad.  not to mention that it will go directly to depleated glycogen stores very readily.  but now for the insulin bit.  If you increase insulin right after your workout then have a good meal it is more apt to go to cells that need it most ie muscle cells.  This means most of the quality nutrients you take in will funnel to the muscles almost exclusivly.  thus bypassing fat cells.  always remember that a high dose of protein can and will be converted by the liver to carbs if it is not readily needed then stored as fat.  as will unnecissary fat and carbs.  So the timing is key.  Now for the athlete that does not store simple sugars well that is quite a theory but it is just that theory.  there is absolutly no study of a bodys regulation of fat or sugar for that matter. so a general statement like that is nonresearched at best. but a great theory.  truely a athlete will be more likely to not store fat readily but then that opens the question what is a true athlete?  who knows.


  9. yeah youll replenish the glcyogen stores but when they get filled up it is going to get stored as fat..... period... he must be referring to athletes who exercise every single day.. and i dont know many bodybuilders who do that...

  10. Do it really matter how fast the glyocegen is replaced or just that is is replaced. ACtually my post workout meal is one serving mass maker, 30 grams dextrose, 1 scoop of all thewhey protein, 10 grams glutmeine, 5 grams creatine Ok from what you are telling me alittle sugar is not a bad thing. I offset it with 250 mgs ALA as well for sugar. SO how is that for a post workout meal followed up by a meal about an hour after finishing that drink of 1 large chicken breast, medium yam, veggies to top it off. So that way I have best of all 3 (oats, maltoextrin, little dextrose)

  11. the faster it is replaced the better.. better recovery.


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