Question regarding Keto diet

  1. Question regarding Keto diet

    I've read Palumbo's cutting keto diet, and it says to refrain from the use of stimulants because of cortisol levels.

    But i've read numerous logs where people take stimulants and claim to lose body fat and maintain their muscle.

    My question is would a general test booster offset or combat the cortisol levels due to the stimulants?
    -Thanks in advance

  2. If your goal is to lower cortisol I would choose something to target it specifically versus hoping to get enough anabolic response from a test booster. Lean Extreme by Designer Supps would be a good choice and will help you lean out as a side benefit.

    Yohimbine is a great stimulant while on a keto as it works best in an insulin deprived environment. Leviathon Reloaded by PAL is a great choice there as it also contains a forskolin extract among other things that fit right in with your situation.

    And of course pick up a bottle of Recreate By USP once it hits the shelves. It will hit the fat loss from multiple angles including lowering cortisol.
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  3. Thank you very much for the suggestions.

    I really don't think i'd be able to make it through the diet with out stims.

  4. Stimulants raise Cortisol? To what degree? Is it the caffeine or what?

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