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    I just got prescribed hcg and I wanted to know if it really effects weight loss. I do not have a special diet shot, but the regular injections everyother day. Wil this assist with weight loss?

  2. Well pubmed studies say no, but everyone who has tried it are saying yes, I remember atleast 1 pubmed study using 1000 calories per day, and the HCG diet is 500 calories per day.

    There is a study supporting it, and this is it: http://www.hcgobesity.org/hcg_obesity.pdf

    One pubmed study concluded there was a "Hawthorne effect" only in the 1st 4 weeks of using HCG, which I think theres no reason why it wouldnt be true. naturally if you are on a performance enchancer your going to have more energy and therefore burn more calories.

  3. Thanks, what diet are you referring to if you dont mind? Is there a Hcg diet out there???

  4. Quote Originally Posted by 1bigtexan View Post
    Thanks, what diet are you referring to if you dont mind? Is there a Hcg diet out there???
    There is but everyone here wouldn't recommend it because its a starvation diet.

    HCG is supposedly meant to release 1000 calories worth of fat from the body each day, I don't know if thats true or not, again people who have been on the diet show results which suggests it would actually do that, but studies are mixed.

    Someone here did mention bodybuilders in the past knew about the uses of HCG while cutting.

    Im sorta on the fence with it, because 500 calories per day is bad and pubmed is more credible than most sources but its pretty much the media and the same people who stigmatize steroids who are saying its BS and the more studies I read the more I realize most studies will show the result of whatever the person is hoping for.

    If you want the actual diet its at 500 calorie hcg diet protocol - Dr. Simeons - Pounds and Inches
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