I actually started 14 weeks out cleaning up my diet.

wake 0530 thermogenic caps & coffee
Mon, wed, thur, I do cardio at 0700 tues fri, no cardio in AM
SAT. SUN. abs and walk or bike ride in AM.
Meal 1 up your mass shake
Meal 2 steak brown rice
Meal 3 whey, egg white protein shake, whole grain bagel plain
Pre workout supps Decabolen, superpump
post 34 gm whey 50 carbs, 10gm creatine micronized
counts as meal 4
meal 5 steak with salsa 10oz
meal 6 whole grain toast 2 slices and whey egg shake w/nat. peanut butter

cardio during the week is stairs 25 min and treadmill 15 for now.

current weight is 227 down from 233 6-1 in height.