Cutting for MMA

  1. Cutting for MMA

    im 18, im young, i want to jump in mma, im fascinated with it and i love getting hit, and then coming back harder. i think thats the story of my entire life.

    so lets put it this way, i want to cut to 170, i can barely cut to 200 without trippin, (i get shreddeD) and im only 5'10.
    ive been liftin since 7th grade. i want to try to maintain my squat and my bench but i dont htink thats going to be possible

    the best in the welter weight class are all around my height so id like to be the best in that wieght class.

    whats the best way to get to 177-180? i can always cut ten pounds before a fight, but im not nearly there yet...obviously im goign to lose a significant amount of muscle, so any ideas?

    and how long should this take? my diet is good, but serioulsy sometimes i eat like 1700 calories a day and im content, yet i hit the scale and im still like 197.....ive never been below 192 in the last 5 years.

  2. ok and listen i dont want to hear some u can jump in that in 4 years type of bs, i want to hear an answer to the question i asked, i know how gifted i am athletically, and im not braggin, im just asking is there any sort of way i can get down to a weight thats like 15 pounds below the lowest weight ive ever been?

  3. Nice attitude, ask for advice then say what you don't want to hear.

    Read the weight loss forum, you'll find your answers. Also I hope you like getting punched in the face because you don't just jump into MMA (despite your ungodly athletic ability.)

    Edit* Also I know you probably will anyway but don't come back with an annoyed/angry response and referring to me as a jerk. Please just listen to the advice, read the nutritional info on here as well as the training info..
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  4. don't cut muscle...fight at your weight class man. I'm telling you, whats the point of cutting if you cant be strong too?



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