1. Fiber

    I don't think I get enough. Should I take metamucil? I pretty much just eat meat, corn tortillas and whey protien.

  2. uh... if you need metamucil (psyllium husk, marked up), I'd buy a generic sugar-free brand... tastes about the same (****ty both ways, at least no extra carbs this way)

  3. Yeah, I would. It seems if I don't get any fiber each day, I'm backed up the next. I use orange Metamucil, I actually like the taste. Make sure that you build yourself up on it though and don't just take a serving w/ each meal. Stick to 3/day for a bit, cause I did that and got the runs like crazy. I also tried Benefiber and didn't do squat for me for some reason.

  4. There are several ways to get fiber, easily. Obviously, metamucil is one. You can also purchase Fiber One cereal at your local super market. Also, there are low carb tortillas out there that have about 8g of fiber per tortilla. Very good taste and I HIGHLY recommend

  5. I agree with the Fiber One. An ounce of it contains 14 grams of fiber, and it tastes good--10 times better than All-Bran, etc. Fresh fruits like apples are good also.

  6. I'm the same way, don't get much fiber. I eat lots of meats/ protein and carbs, so I take metamucil. I get the Target brand $4.29 for a tub. I take it once a day usally towards the end of the day and by morning I'm good to go.

  7. benefiber is the best as far as taste/mixing I feel. I've also used profibe in the past. Also look into whole wheat bread and bagels, brown rice, veggies, and green apples/other winter fruits.


  8. You could try "Fiber Choice" tablets. They come in orange flavor, and taste a lot like the children's orange St. Joseph Aspirin tabs. Each tablet is 2 grams of fiber, 10 cals, and 4 carbs. Nice to just chew on a few while watching the TV or such.

    Just my random thoughts on this.

  9. Yeah, bump for those tabs, they aren't too bad. I like them for the convenience. However, the ones I had before were I think 5g/wafer. Kinda pricey, but its hard enough to bring 2 or 3 meals w/ work or where ever I go, not to mention a fiber shake supp so I like 'em.


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