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levi reloaded side effects- especially sweating

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    levi reloaded side effects- especially sweating

    Hi, I'll be starting Levi reloaded on monday, and I was wondering what side effects most of you experienced with this? I am mainly concerned about two things:

    - Sweating when inactive. For example, at work, or in class. I work at a bank so I dont want to be sweaty when dealing with my customers, or at least, i want to know so I can plan on it. I dont mind the sweating at the gym.

    - Does it make it harder for you to fall asleep at night?

    Thank you

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    I've been on it for a week now:

    1) No
    2) No

    I'm also taking some bulk 1-Corboxy (PureDopa part of Powerfull) which may be helping the sleep. Also taking DCP along with the staples (Multi & Omegas).

    I feel so good it's hard to explain. 5 hours of sleep feels like 9. My sleep isn't interrupted at all.

    LRL doesn't give me any jitters at all though -- it's a very clean feeling stim... I love it!
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    the question of sleep all really matters on when you're taking your doses. I had a day where I took my 2nd dose around 5pm and at midnight when I laid down, I did have some trouble falling out. Just take your 2nd dose 4 hours after the first and you'll be fine.
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    LR is awesome. I have logged it here for PAL, no stimmed out feeling out all. I sweat regardless (even shoveling snow) and this did not increase it at all. From what I hear, LR with DCP is a great stack to drop at a nice pace
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