my new shake

  1. my new shake

    I go to college for about 6 hrs a day so i'm always on the lookout for a new shake, here's one I use now
    1/2 packet myoplex deluxe
    1/2 scoops optimum whey
    1 cooked cup of oats
    combine in a blender
    42 g pro
    40 g carbs
    low fat
    sounds kind of nasty but it's actually good and thick so it's more feeling than the whey ground oats like I used to use.

  2. Have you ever looked into a 50% Micellar Casein and 50% Whey Protein Isolate blend from I'm too lazy to do the financial math, but the protein composition would be of higher quality. You can still add the oats to it (I add ground, uncooked oatmeal to my post workout shake).

    Check out my thread, "1st Order with Protein Customizer" for feedback on Protein Cusomizer.

    I haven't tried them myself (will real soon), but Wardog's Protein Squares have real good feedback on them. You might be able to have one between classes.


  3. I been meaning to try out protein customizer for some time now I just got a really good deal on the myoplex deluxe so I been exhausting my supply of it first, before I move on to anything else. Thanks for the advice.

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