GuitarHero's Cutting Riff

  1. GuitarHero's Cutting Riff

    OK, my previous goal was always to bulk, but over the course of my time bulking I have picked up a good amount of abdominal fat, so now (with summer coming) it's time to shed that sheet. I'm on Day 3 and am bored as fcuk at work (nights), so I figured I'd start a little journal/notebook on here to chart my progress. That way maybe I can get some pointers along the way. I should also add that my plan is to continue my cut for 1-2 months.

    I do realize 165 isn't exactly big, but I have a really small frame, before I started lifting/eating right to build muscle, I weighed in around 130-140.

    My current (starting) stats:


    Current Sups:
    Yohimbine HCL caps 2.5mg (4/day)
    Megadrine RFA (2/day)
    Syntrax Matrix 5.0 Protein (2-3times/day)

    My diet plan consists of around 2000 to 2300kcal/day with macros being approximately 40% fat, 40% protein, 20% carbs, which comes out to around 90g fat, 200g protein, and 100g carbs. I'm trying to keep the carbs between 80-100g as of right now to see how my body reacts and then possibly go lower if needed. I am planning on doing somewhat of a "carb-up day" on Sat or Sun as well.

    My current split:

    Monday/Thursday - Full Body Lift
    -Squats or Leg Press
    -Flat Bench or Incline Bench
    -Lat Pull Down or Seated Row
    -Shoulder Press
    -Tris or Bis

    -10-15min HIIT Cardio Session

    Tuesday/Wednesday/Friday or Saturday - Cardio (+Abs 2-3 days)
    -30min HIIT Cardio Session
    -6-10 Sets of Abs (Crunches, Leg Lifts, etc)

    I'll update when I can with my weight and progress. I'll also add some pics when I get a chance. I am open to changing things as suggested, so any thoughts, ideas, and suggestions would be welcome and appreciated.

  2. best of luck to you sir

  3. Thanks ticco!

    I plan to post some more specifi diet info soon, with some example days' meals.

  4. OK, so today was a full body lift day and I had a great workout. I forgot to mention that for legs I'm incorporating the 20-rep Squat routine. It's GREAT!

    -Incl DB Bench -- 4 sets 12/14/6/8 (went down a bit in weight on the last one)
    -Deadlifts -- 3 sets 10/10/10
    -Bent-over Row -- 3 sets 12/8/12
    -Leg Press -- 3 sets 10x90/12x180/20x250
    -Ab Work

    I had great energy today at the gym, which I'm pretty sure was from the Yohimbine caps and the Megadrine.

    I saw my old boss (who I hate with a passion) at the gym today and I got a crazy rush of adreneline and rage. I saw him as I was getting ready to do my last set of Bent-over Rows. I'd just done 8 reps on the 2nd set and felt like I probably couldn't go up in weight, but I decided to go up 20 pounds anyway. As soon as I saw him, I got a crazy pissed of rush of rage all through me and I exploded through 12 reps, I couldn't believe it. After that, I was going to do shoulders and arms, but skip legs because they were too sore from all the cardio/squats on Tues; but I was so pumped I wanted to get in a 20 rep Leg Press. I ended up going up 10 pounds from my Tuesday weight and pounding out all 20 at 250 pounds, which is the most I've done the 20 reps. It was great, I need to imagine him being there everytime I go to the gym from now on.

    I was so shaky and feeling like I was going to puke/explode after the leg press that I just decided to forgo the rest of the workout, so I did a little abs and went home.

    Song of the day: Pantera - Cowboys From Hell (listened to it during the 20 rep and it's really the only song I recall hearing because I was soooo charged).

    I should note, I think the stims/thermos did have something to do with the extra bursts of energy because I've lifted pissed off and thinking about someone I really dislike before and I've never experienced anything like this!

  5. Another thing I probably should add is that I cut my calories down to 2500 last week and began my current lifting/cardio regimen, but just started the diet and supplements this week. That being said, I can already notice a difference in the mirror around the midsection, so that's providing me some encouragement.



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