Isolate + oil = ok?

  1. Question Isolate + oil = ok?

    If using a whey isolate during the day, and not PW or anything, what do you think would be the absorption/digestion time if adding in 3 Tbsp. of oil? You think it would be that much longer, and I'd be OK, as long as I am eating every 3 hours?

    Reason is, I just started to do away w/ milk and I used to use milk w/ my isolate during regular hours, but now only oil.

    Aprec. some info....

  2. flax oil would be good IMO

  3. Yeah, I use ex. virgin olive and flax. Today when I drank my isolate shake w/ only water and oil, it tasted like nothing. It was seriously like chocoalte flavored water. Really thin too. It made me question it's effectiveness for my diet issues in terms of being way too fast now.

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