The "Birmingham Cardia Diet"

  1. The "Birmingham Cardia Diet"

    Cardiac Diet Menu - See the actual daily schedule of meals.

    as some may know I am cirrently trying to lose weight for MEPS so I can join the Navy. I need to drop another 15 pounds or so and one of the ladies on the navy website mentioned this diet.

    take a look and tell me what you think. im already only eating 1200 cals a day, im not morbidly obese but im still "obese". I also work out 2 hours a day.

    any thoughts on this diet or any testimonials? Id like to drop it asap so i can get the ball rolling

  2. doesnt look like enough calories and why do they have 1 cup of ice cream? should substitute that with fooooood. so your not starving.

  3. That looks like a seriously horrible diet. If you want to go on a crash diet to drop some quick weight research things such as the velocity diet, radical diet, and PSMF. You will find allot more testimonials than the cardiac diet.

    I shouldn't even mention that the site in your link also promotes things such as the negative calorie diet and how to be acne free in three days. LOL

  4. wtf??? why would they limit your seasonings to salt and pepper??


    go with the v-diet

  5. Man, just try a normal proven diet. And if that is not working... there is always the velocity diet.



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