First cut info needed

  1. First cut info needed


    I know you guys and girls get tired of this every day, but I am about to start my first cut at the end of this month and need some help. I have been working out every morning (M-F) before work since October.

    I will be stacking Levi & DCP since I have read so many great things about it. My question is how long can I continue to take this stack? I would like to do three months, and start using Napalm after the first month, but I don't know if this is recomended.

    I have also been taking Ragnarok for 2 1/2 months and the bottle says to take a four week break after 12 weeks. Should I start back up on it during my cutting cyce, or wait?

    Current stats-
    6' 2"
    diet is about 75% in check, but will get better when I start the cut.

    Thanks- Brian

  2. as far as the ragnarok goes, if it says take a 4 week break, take a 4 week break. start it back up after the break if you desire.
    as for the cutting goes, keep your cardio high and your diet clean. im not so sure about the supps your taking/will be taking as i have not used them or know very much about them but your diet and cardio will be the key points to your cut.

  3. I plan to do cardio Tues, Thurs, and Sat. mornings (HIIT) as well as lower body the same days. Upper body is M,W,F. As far as the Ragnarok I was under the impression that creatine holds water in the muscles reducing the "cut" look? If I am completley off on this please tell me, I am new to this and just trying to soak up as much info as I can.

  4. if your going for a cut look do not be taking creatine...look more for something like boiling point. however many calories your getting right now, decrease it at least 500 for the first 1-2 weeks then possibly another 500 then after that. dont intake less than 1200 a day though. for your diet stick to complex carbs and whole foods. dont use protein shakes.
    whatever cardio your doing, increase it. work on endurance, if you can run 2 miles without stopping right now, go for 5 miles. get to bicycling....alternate between running and biking if you want. sleep less, eat less. more reps, less weight. dont cheat yourself. if your going to take a fat burner, go a week of depleting your water weight, then start the fat burner so the weight you notice will be fat more than water

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