gaspari's cytolean

  1. gaspari's cytolean

    im going on a 4 week cut. i read alot of forums on gaspari nutritions cytolean and it also had nothing but good reviews on various supplement rating websites(great thermogenic and appetite control) so i decided to go with it i bought a bottle yesterday and im going to start it tomorrow

    im 18 and iv been lifting for about a year now

    current weight 216
    i dont know my body fat %
    im shooting for about a 205 body weight

    im going to focus more on cardio and abs the next 4 weeks im looking for more defined abs and tighter chest, if you guys have anymore helpful tips or info that would be awesome thx

    current supps

    optimum nutritions 100% whey
    10g glutamine/day
    animal pak multi vitamin
    anabolic pump
    fish oils

    current personal best
    bench 285x1
    dead lift 425x1
    squat 315x3

  2. Good Product although I have only had samples....

    Personally I always lean towards Redline and Lipo 6

  3. great for mood and energy but it doesn't suppress appetite at all for me.

  4. well im only on the third day but i dont notice much either im taking 3 in the morning and 2 at about 4 o'clock. would any one recomend anything i could stack with it? like possibly another thermogenic? because i have redline,lipo6x,and i also have some L-carnatine and cla that i'v heard are really good.

    any helpful info would be greatly appreciated thx guys

  5. If you look in the advertisements they have for this produc,t there is a guy with crazy tats all over his body...

    He owns the supp store in canada i used to shop at, I sah the transformation first hand, he used to be a fat strongman, now looks like a actualy bodybuilder. Great product (from word of mouth)

  6. I loved the samples I had.

    But I'll always swear by Levi.

  7. I am currently stacking cytolean with thyrotabs. I actually feel I am getting better results if I take less than the recommended dosage of cytolean. I have lost about 6.5 lbs in about 2 weeks. I haven't really changed my training too much either.

    Also, Gaspari Thyrotabs are also thermogenic. They work well with the cytolean. They are supposed to raise your body temp, but you dont notice it all that much until late at night. Which is nice if you work all day. You don't get too overheated.

  8. I just switched over to these to take a break from Venom. I actually feel like eating more and my cravings have been WAY worse (I usually don't have any cravings at all). Not to say this is the CytoLean, but this did just start to happen right when I started CytoLean. Switching back to Venom.


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