Please Review my Stack

  1. Please Review my Stack


    I’m in a weird spot because I’ve never actually had to cut weight before, I was always a skinny guy growing up. Wrestling I just happened to always be AT the weight I wrestled at. Then I got married.

    Hurt my knee in the summer of 2003 and put on some weight got divorced over the winter, I’ll be 30 in June I’m 6’6 and I weigh 243, I like long walks in the par. ..

    Ahh.. . wrong forum. .. sorry.

    Last I checked I was at 18.5% BF. I’ll get some pics up if need be because you guys are always DEAD ON with the advice and I’ve come to trust ya’lls opinions. … I want to attack that number with a vengeance. Seems like I hit a plateau after I ran an epistane cycle over the fall. I’ve been at the same weight and kept my gains with a successful PCT. I’m now primarily trying to continue to lean out and drop that bf % to the mid to lower teens over the next 12 weeks.

    I’ve been reading logs to the point that my brain is fried. I’m looking to order today but I’m compiling a “grocery list” if you will.

    I want to try Leviathan and DCP. I’ve heard this is the stack to attack if you’re serious about cutting fat out. .. I have a bottle of Retain 2 that I was thinking of using at the end of the cut as a bridge to keep the Estrogen rebound at bay. I’m also going to add Powerfull back into my fold, just cuz I like the stuff it helps me sleep

    I will be using WTF pump’d for my pre-work out stim. Will I be overstimulated here? I’ve never tried Leviathan or DCP I’m pretty sure they aren’t stims I’ve never tried speed and don’t wanna experience it either.. .lol.

    I’m mega dosing fish oil currently, I’m getting 1.5grams of protein per pound between meals and shakes I try to get it out of as many meals as I can. Drinking my gallon of water a day, I also take my multivitamins and Glucosamine. . although I’m seriously considering ordering Super Cissus instead.

    Light empty stomach jog 3 mornings a week around a lake that’s roughly 1.3 miles around. It’s a tiny little thing. I usually sip Gatorade during.

    I lift 3 times a week as well. I’ve been doing skull crushers, squats (brutal), most of the typical compound lifts basically lifting as heavy as I can handle to failure. I’m no gym rat by any means so I’m open to any and ALL advice for what a guy my size should or could do.

    I’m taking Jiu Jitsu two nights a week and Saturday morning.

    It seems as if i'm holding a bulk of my BF% in my core and thats frustrating the hell out of me, my arms are starting to vein. My legs are gaining in size. ..

    Taking my size into account is this an effective stack and routine and does anyone have any tweaks or input?

  2. my personal advice is to hold off on the Leviathan and DCP until later.

    if you get your diet and training dialed in then you shouldn't have any issues dropping the body fat until you get into the lower teens.

    with some basic math:
    current weight = 243
    LBM = 198 (if you're 18.5% BF)

    if you drop to 225 and keep all your LBM then you should be around the 14% mark...that's a difference of 18 pounds and should be fairly easy to achieve over a a 12 week period (1.5 pounds/week).

    after you stop responding to diet and training, I would incorporate the Leviathan and DCP stack (prob about the last month).

  3. What is DCP guys? Kinda new to Cutting cycles...

  4. DCP is Damage Control Protocol by RPN

    link to nutraplanet:

  5. Your really funny. I love you in Mad Tv.



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