Just normal eating question-

  1. Just normal eating question-

    i've got pretty good genetics so i never really bulk/diet much since everything works out fine anyways for me.

    But quick newbie question, since i've moved into my new apartment this year (no college cafeteria) i've been eating less healthy it seems.

    I usually eat 5 meals a day and 1 shake, but i'm noticing that each of those meals contains about 20-25 or so grams of fat. Is that a lot?

    Around how many grams of fat is ideal to consume per meal during regular maintainence?

  2. it depends on weight and how many calories you're maintaining at..how much you weigh?

  3. First off, I hate you. These guys and their good genetics.......boy, I'll tell you what.

    Depends on your caloric level (intake). I like to do a ratio of P/C/F, and I make my fat content close to 30% or so.

    Damnit brue, you beat me.

  4. If everything works fine the way it is, don't change it. The reason is very important : enzymatic adaptation to nutrition.

    Your body adapts to what you eat. As long as you eat the right amount of calories, if a certain % of fat does it for you, keep it. If you switch to a lower fat % but maintain calories, then what will happen is that you will lose bodyfat for a while afterwards. But that restriction in fat intake will, over time, adapt your lipolytic enzymes to lesser activity.

    This means that if/when your fat intake increases again, you will put it on more easily. After a while of eating "more" fat again, the enzymes will stabilize to the former level but by that time your bf% will have increased to more than it was before.

  5. i weigh 186-190 right now, close to 10% i'd say.

    As far as caloric intake, i don't have the slightest clue?

    Luna-you're right i prolly wont change anything, just was curious if 25 grams was too much for like health reasons really, know what i mean?

  6. Originally posted by Jergo
    First off, I hate you. These guys and their good genetics.......boy, I'll tell you what.
    lol we each have our strength and weaknesses, i hardly have a bicep, and thats only cause of a ton of bicep injections, and even then it's tiny. =(


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