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    Hey guys, I bought some ephedrine hcl 25 mg tablets, with 200 mg guafesin or however u spell it. I've been doing morning cardio and planned on taking it pre cardio, but the guy I bought it from said it would be to strong with no food in my stomach. It was really cheap, as my friend works at a gas station and gives me a discount, I don't plan on using it until I hear the best way to maximize its weight loss effects. would 1 tablet pre morning cardio on an empty stomach be ok? I'm a newbie to ephedrine so i dont plan on using it til i know a lot about it, thanks so much to anyone who can offer advice. Should I take it with a fish oil?

  2. If you've never dealt with it before and you're concerned maybe cutting the tablet in half and taking it with food would be a possibility. Always better to test the waters before diving in.
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  3. well, i weigh 215 pounds, so i think a whole tablet on an empty stomach wouldn't do to much damage, i usually jog in the morning so it's nothing to intense. Should this be something i use just before cardio, or would it help burn fat throughout the day as well. I plan on dropping my other stims, so I don't think it should be to much of a problem. 25 mg a day should be cool, has anyone used it that weighs about the same as me?

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