1. hypoglycemia

    So does anyone else feel this way when on a low carb diet/day? Ive tried to go whole days with very little carbs and every time I try I give in. Now, when I say give in, I mean I have carbs not because I'm craving them, or super hungry, or anything like that. I have very good self-control. I give in because I get light headed, don't think right, and I have a general all around hypoglycemic feeling. As I write this, I've had about 6-7 grams of carbs all day, and I wanted to see if I could push through the crappy feeling, if maybe it would let up and get better. But all that has happened is the light-headedness has gotten a little less intense. Is this normal for everyone? I hate this feeling.

  2. I dont know if i would call it hypoglycemia but I get the same feeling. Actually experiencing it right now, hence the bag of sun chips sitting on my desk. I have had terrible headaches the past two days from about midafternoon on and felt slightly nausiated. I didnt give in yesterday, just drank a bunch of water and took some excedrin. Today is worse tho and I am giving in.

  3. I tell ya, its not the cravings that get to me, I could go a week without eating a thing, its just the fact that I cant think straight and I say things that make me sound like a friggin idiot. Also any bookwork that I may be doing suffers and it takes me loger to complete normal required tasks during the day.

  4. Sounds like you guys already have the answers... Put some carbs back into your diet if they make you feel better.

  5. Yeah, I realize carbs would help. I'm just trying to see if its out of the ordinary to feel like that. My family has been worried today because I've been doing things that don't make sense and shouldn't require much thought.

  6. my problem today is also attributed to illness. there is some virus going around here and I am pretty sure I am getting or got it. Feelin like dookie

  7. it is very tough to maintain strength/size while on a no/super low carb diet.... Try adding one carb meal per day and see how that goes. You should still be able to lose weight, but will feel more human haha

  8. My question is how high is your fat intake while on the low carb days? I personally use to function like crap when low carbing (but thats because I didn't know better and just upped protein and didn't worry about my fat intake.) Also strength does take a hit while low carbing, but there is no reason that LBM loss should be occurring (if your nutrient/caloric intake is on point.)

    How long have you been on it. It take time for your body to adjust to using ketones as fuel and the first week or two can be very draining with fatigue. Once your body is in Ketosis and is adjusted it should subside.

    I am functioning fine in my first week (also intaking RPM though) but by middle of next week I hope to feel fine even on days when I don't take RPM.


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