any of you ectos getting A LOT of calories?

  1. any of you ectos getting A LOT of calories?

    I am getting like 3050 right now and im pretty damn sedentary (except for my workouts) and yet im still having problems getting past 175. it isnt my training routine because IA is training me and he took me up pretty quickly in weight.. what i am thinking it is, is the fact my metabolism is pretty fast. so i was thinking about taking in 3500 or 3600.. any of you ectos getting that amount of calories?

  2. 3500? Try eating 5200+ every day. You'll see gains in no time as long as you keep up w/ IA. Of course, gradually increase them. If your training isn't the issue, then it has to be your diet--think about it. I wish I could eat only 3500 cals/day. That would be the $hit.

    If I wasn't so messed up right now traing wise, I'd be having to up them more when gains start up again.

    How many grams of protein are you eating?

  3. Remember that the heavier you become the more calories you will burn. If you were able to gain off of 3050 at 165, at 175 it might just be maintenance level.

    I am ~170 and moderately active because of sports and the fact that I have to walk everywhere I go, I plan on taking in about 5000 when I start my next bulk in a few weeks. When in doubt, up the cals.

  4. i honestly dont understand how you folks take in so many calories without getting fat.. hell ive taken in 3700 before and thats eating 5-7 meals a day.. i am full all day.. not to mention i dont understand how you could afford all that food! what the hell do you eat.. i mean i can understand adding pizza and **** but then you get fat much easier

  5. No problem........most people do think they will get fat eating that much. Just don't expect to get big thats all.

    Noone ever said it was going to be easy. I almost puke every single day. Forcefeeding is expected each day for me. As you eat more, your stomach will get bigger, and make it easier to eat more.

    My diet is clean. Chicken breasts, powder, olive oil, rice, malto, and ocassionaly milk. Thats it, nothing else.

    You have to be able to expect fat storage. Whether it be a little or a lot. Cut down later, and lose it.

    Sorry to sound harsh, but you gotta do what you gotta do.

  6. Money isn't really an issue for me which I am grateful for. I am a college student and I have a nearly unlimited meal plan and the dining halls here have really decent food. I definately know what you mean about feeling full all day but you start to get used to it after a few weeks and you find yourself more and more hungry.
    Also, the most important piece of info is remember its okay to put on some fat. I really want to go heavy on this next bulk, which is why I want to eat about 5000 cals, I know im going to put on fat but I don't really care that much because I drop fat like its hot.

  7. Oh yeah, If you need help w/ your diet, let me know.

  8. yeah thats what i was thinking.. when i was smaller the 2700 calories were fine so i bumped it up to 3400 and it helped a little it has slowed again unfortunately so i guess its just time to bump again.. i use olive oil and i drink about a half gallon of milk a day which really helps too..

  9. Yeah, milk helps a lot for me too.

    I know it gets expensive too, in fact my diet is the hardest part of my training. Tuna by the can is super-cheap, but I can't stand it anymore-- I out did that crap. I just started to buy bulk powder now, and saving a lot more now.

  10. 5000 calories in a day is easy!

    I love all you can eat buffets for 3 meals a day

  11. I feel your pain bro, I'm pure ecto, was sitting around 6'5 200lbs ripped before my latest cycle which I'm currently on

    For obvious reasons my caloric intake is huge now but even before I was eating MINIMUM 4000 calories a day just to maintain my weight.

    Being ecto I don't have to worry **** about getting fat, I havea 6-packyear round and only started doing situps couple weeks ago, I find the best way to get in the calories is to have 5 full meals a day and 3 homeade shakes.

    I can't drink milk or whey so my shakes consist of:

    2 scoops Soy protein
    1 TBSP Flax Oil
    2 TBSP Chlorophil (Excellent for taste and for health)
    1 TBSP Organix Peanut Butter
    2 TBSP Applesauce

    Three of these badboys each day spaced between meals adds over 1000 calories.

    Goodluck to ya.


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