1. tuna

    i just had a can of tuna (in water) with some hot sauce and mustard with a boiled egg white..... it really hit the spot....

    how do you like yours?


  2. TUNA!! I eat about 4 -5 cans of albacore a day. I mix mine with fat free miracle whip - just a teaspoon. Throw in some green beans and banana peppers. I know, sounds gross but it has become a staple in my training diet.

  3. tuna on wholemeal toast with light mayonaise

  4. Tuna and ALOT of Tabasco!mmmmm

  5. starkist tuna creations herbs & garlic taste good

  6. Recently i have been mixing my tuna with some BBQ sauce, Ketchup, and Franks Red Hot. Mix it all together and toss it in a wrap or sandwhich and it tastes great.

    I also eat it plain with no problem at all tho and do this quite often
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  7. bolt you are a brave man.....i can't handle tuna plain.
    i still make myself do it sometimes though.
    recently i've been liking canned chicken and salmon.

  8. last year one of my goals was to leanr to like tuna, well i do kind of now. Eat it plain always...always...ugh.

    I usually try to have some sort of flavoring after it at least, wether its juice, different food, diet pepsi(rare) or whatever, somethign after it is all i need.

    The wrap idea sounds good, I buy famous daves(i think?) Devil Spit or one of their other different flavors.

  9. i eat a pouch or 2 a day, just straight tuna

  10. Quote Originally Posted by Zombie View Post
    starkist tuna creations herbs & garlic taste good
    im eating from 4 to 6 pouches of the above ED

    in a few week i would be able to breath under water

  11. Personally I just eat it straight out of the can every day for convenience and I have no problem with the taste. If you really dislike it plain a brand that is escaping me atm makes some killer like tuna steaks that come in packets and are flavored (lemon mesquite, bbq, and some others.)

    Or just throw it on some w/w bread (ezekiel preferably) and have it with some apple slices (the apple slices actually compliment the tuna sandwich really well.)

  12. Quote Originally Posted by Zombie View Post
    im eating from 4 to 6 pouches of the above ED

    in a few week i would be able to breath under water
    I use to eat those as well. When I go to school next year I will be loading up on that shiznit (my roommate is going to hate my ****ing guts!)

  13. Every one knows daddy eats his tuna with hot sauce.

  14. tuna with salsa is nice, currently i have been making whole wheat pasta and been putting 2 cans of tuna into it with fresh grape tomatoes and hot sauce, awesome pre w/o snack and i get my goood carbs from it too

  15. Tuna is great and I tend to eat 2-3 cans a week and sometimes a tuna steak but what about all this talk of mercury, any concern?

  16. I eat my tuna with salsa, lemon juice, and a little mustard on 15-grain bread.

  17. Go to google and search tuna calculator. Your only supose to intake a certain amont of tuna for your body weight because of all the mercury in it!!!

  18. try sardines or herring if you are worried about mercury. Smaller fish lower on the food chain tend to have less bioaccumulation of mercury.


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