Training in the AM - workout and nutrition question

  1. Training in the AM - workout and nutrition question

    Hello all-

    Newbie here with his first post. I just found this website and all of you have great information to share and insight. I was hoping that you could help answer this question for me that I have been going back and forth on for quite some time.

    Currently, the only time I have to go to the gym is from 5-7:30AM to get my cardio and weights in.

    I am working on losing weight, but maintaining muscle. I have read several articles as well as many of your posts and most people agree that cardio should be done first thing in the morning on an empty stomach.

    With that being said, if I do my cardio first..I don't always have the energy to push myself on the weights as hard I want to.

    So, on my way to the gym I usually have 1 scoop of NoXplode. I warm up on the treadmill for 15 minutes and then do weights for about an hour. My weights are immediately followed by a doing 30 minutes of HIIT training/ or 45 minutes of cardio on some sort of cardio machine. All this time I am drinking water and usually finish a gallon of water by the end of my workout.

    Immediately, after my workout - I have a scoop of cell mass and a scoop of glutamine. About 15 minutes later after my shower, I have a protein shake (1 scoop of whey protein, 1 scoop of casein protein) and a banana for my first meal of the day.

    My question is - is this a bad agenda that I have been following?

    Should I be doing my cardio first on an empty stomach and then having a shake before I lift?

    Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks a lot for the help.

  2. I have the same schedule .... workouts start at 5am during the week to avoid the after work cluster **** that usually happens at my gym ... I usually do zero cardio before lifting weights .... just get in there and warm up properly before my lifts ... if you're doing the cardio after lifts and trying to maintain muscle mass, it sounds like you want to get some BCAA's and drink that during your cardio

    i think you might get varying opinions on 'bad agenda' regarding cardio after weights ... some people do it ... some don't ... some space them apart (cardio in the morning and weights in the afternoon/evening - or vice versa) ... if what you're doing now isn't working for you, try changing it up if you can manage that in your schedule

    the problem I see with your second question is about having a shake after cardio, but before lifting ... i don't know about others, but my stomach wouldn't be able to take it with such a short window for digestion ... that shake would be spit up on my first working set ...

    i'm sure others with more years of experience and knowledge will chime in ... but figured I'd drop in my .02 since I'm on the same schedule

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