melt the fat

  1. melt the fat

    started a ketogenic diet today, and am expecting to lose some stubborn belly fat as well as a little on my inner thigh( by groin), and back. my routine is WSB and while cutting the fat i hope to continue with my strength gains. supps for the next couple of months will be: pslin(carb up days on monday/tuesday), fish oil, CLA, and DCP. really hoping the DCP will give a good kick to the no carb diet.

  2. Good luck with it

  3. If it's mainly stubborn fat that you've got left, you should think about adding Napalm to this stack. If you don't already know, it's a Yohimbine HCl-based topical fat burner which works quite well for users in your situation.

  4. thanks rpen. heard of the product, but hadnt read any reviews yet. will start my search tonight and possibly add it after a couple weeks on the diet.

  5. ive used napalm for a week now and realy noticed something with my stomach fat, so i would throw it in.



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