Typical cheat meal?

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    Typical cheat meal?

    Does anybody know of some guidelines for cheat meals? how much is too much?

    I figured maybe 300 er so + calories over your typical meal.

    any thoughts?

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    It depends on a lot of things. Such as: how close to the goal am I? Which sort of diet am I on? Anabolic? Velocity? Get Shredded? Am I cutting for sporting reasons or getting ready for summer? There is a lot to consider.

    On the anabolic diet, for instance, the refeed meal every 14 days is an all out eat whatever you want as much as you want meal. For me, right now, my cheat meal is once a weekend and it's usually just a nice restaurant dinner, usually pasta or pizza because that's what I miss the most. I'll usually have a gob or two of peanut butter afterwards.

    It all depends, no one can give you a right answer but you.
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    Pei Wei is all I'm saying

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