sugar alcohols and AD

  1. sugar alcohols and AD

    I'm doing the Anabolc Diet now. I respond quite well to it as I can actually gain weight yet lose waist inches.

    My wife went out shopping and found some Balance bars on sale and saw they had 2 grams net carbs on the box so she bought them. I told her they probably had alcohol in them.

    She got home and I was right. Actually it says 1 grams sugar, 1 gram fiber (to make the 2 net grams) and 19 grams of sugar alcohol for a total of 21 grams of carbs (as lisred on nutritional info label). It says on the box that sugar alcohols don't effect blood sugar.

    So the questions is...could I eat 1 or 2 a day? Does it count as 2 grams or 21? Should I just avoid them until carb load day?

    I'm quite unfamiliar with sugar alcohols and their effects. Enlightenment is welcomed.

  2. Sugar alcohols don't impact blood sugar, but they do get burned for energy before anything else. The act the same as normal alcohol. You will most likely want to count this as 21g because you still want your body to be using primarily fats for energy whether they are dietary or not. Alcohol of any sorts will interrupt this process, won't make a huge difference if you count it as your carbs, but if you really want them wait until your refeed/carb days. Be careful how much you take in though many sugar alcohols have a laxative effect at high consumption
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  3. It depends on the type of sugar alcohol. Overall they have very little/no effect on blood sugar levels. I have also read that they will not be stored as glycogen but can be used as energy (since some small amount is absorbed in the Small Intestine.) Overall I don't think they would kill you AD diet but personally (and someone who will be doing a CKD) I would not touch them until refeed day and keep your low carb days as strict as possible.

  4. Ok...judging from what you guys said, I will lump sugar alcohols in the same category as MCT's (the body burns it instead of bodyfay for energy) and as such a no-no during the week.

    I may eat 1 or 2 this weekend.

    Thanks guys.

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